About this blog

by Luigi Caradonna 0 Comments

I’m interested in technology and recently I’ve decided to start learning how to use Arduino and to make things with it.

I’m not an expert with electronics, thus, this blog is basically meant for those who, completely unexperienced, are looking for a way to learn the Arduino platform really from the beginning.

Even though I’ll write articles for begginers as well as I am, I will try to don’t say only those things that you can find in thousands of other blogs, websites or video tutorials. Those contents are generally created by people already used to electronics and some times they skip to talk about things which they consider too easy to talk about, but that for those who are really at the beginning could be crucial.
Probably the first articles will be very similar to others which you can already find around, but I think that’s inevitable. To make my articles different, I will do my best to explain every very single step in detail.

My first suggestion if you are completely unfamiliar with Arduino and electronics, is to get a learning kit which contains a good amount of  components, to take them one by one and to understand how they work and how to interact with them, putting them together later will be easier.

In this blog you will find two categories: “Hardware” oriented on how to connect the components to the Arduino board along with one or more easy sketches (code that has to be loaded on the Arduino board) to have a working example, and “Software” where I think to publish more complex sketches and libraries written by myself.

I hope that you will enjoy this blog and don’t hesitate to ask questions, to give suggestions if you have some and to correct me if you see that I’m going wrong.