Centro Marmi D'Arcangeli
centro marmi darcangeli
Year: 2018
Site typology: Showcase
Technologies: PHP - Bootstrap 3 - JS
Performed task: Full implementation.
Year: 2017
Site typology: Showcase
Technologies: Laravel 5 - Bootstrap 3 - JS
Performed task: Full implementation.
Year: 2015
Site typology: Showcase
Technologies: Laravel 5 - Bootstrap 3 - JS
Performed task: Full implementation.
Artmatica (not available)
Year: 2011
Site typology: Showcase - Forum - Blog
Technologies: Joomla! 1.5 - phpBB3
Performed task: Joomla! components and modules installation, template, modules' and components' structure modification to fit W3C's CSS and XHTML specifications.
phpBB board's configuration and template's modifications to fit the website's style.
On behalf of Lab03
Fai la Visura (not available)
fai la visura
Year: 2010
Site typology: Administrative aid portal
Technologies: XHTML - CSS - PHP - Javascript
Performed task: Template's conversion from top left fixed position to center and floating position.
Javascript and PHP code to validate the forms and to send emails.
On behalf of WebProject A.R.
Year: 2010
Site typology: Estate agency portal
Technologies: PHP - Javascript - Ajax
Performed task: Site's conversion from static to dynamic, implementation of a backend to manage the announcements (add/modify/delete functions), photogallery management, categories, subcategories, resorts and zones management.
Internal search engine.
Dogo Forum
dogo forum
Year: 2009
Site typology: Posting portal - Photogallery - Forum
Technologies: XHTML - CSS - PHP - Flash - Javascript - phpBB3
Performed task: Full implementation.
Users' registration and management functions.
Functions to insert and manage announcements and photogalleries, both from respective owners and the site administrators.
Installation, configiration and modification of phpBB template and addition of a chat to the board.
irace online
Year: 2009
Site typology: Online videogame portal
Technologies: PHP - Javscript
Performed task: Parsing of the XML reports generated by the game simulators to create rankings and statistics not provided by the game.
Data collection from the database to generate information boards for the users.
Home page Javascript script to show the next scheduled event, countdown and informations about the server and the enrolled players.
Mereli Service
mereli service
Year: 2009
Site typology: Showcase
Technologies: XHTML - CSS - Javascript
Performed task: Full implementation from supplied Corel Draw's files.
On behalf of WebProject A.R.
Hyppocrates Onlus (not available)
hyppocrates onlus
Year: 2008
Site typology: Educational and welfare portal
Technologies: Joomla! 1.5
Performed task: Full implementation.
CMS, components and modules installation and configuration, graphic modifications to the template and to the modules' structure.
Contents' management, Joomla! maintenance and update.
Ara.gì (not available)
Year: 2007
Site typology: Showcase
Technologies: Flash - Actionscript 3
Performed task: Full implementation.